Everything You Need to Know about Vinyl Siding


August, 2016


Vinyl siding, or PVC siding, is a spectacular choice for homeowners looking to install siding on their brand new home, or to replace or even cover up their home’s old siding.

If you’re looking to make the jump to Vinyl siding, look no further than to J-Tech Construction. Not only will we handle the installation, we’re here to show you why vinyl is a great choice for your Lincoln, NE home. For starters…

Vinyl is affordable

Dollar-for-dollar, no siding keeps money in your wallet quite like vinyl. According to vinylsiding.org, Vinyl costs about $3-4 per square inch–the cheapest of all popular siding options. Stucco comes in at about $10 per square inch, with brick coming in at a whopping $19 per square inch!

Vinyl keeps your home cool & quiet

In addition, premium vinyl siding is an energy-efficient cladding that comes in over 15 vibrant colors. It reflects radiant heat and reduces thermal conductivity to help keep your house cool. Vinyl siding usually reduces noise by as much as 45% as well! Even though you can’t keep those darn kids off your lawn, you may not hear them anymore!

“So long as it’s straight and watertight, vinyl siding can be installed over nearly any surface, even brick or stucco.”

Vinyl is strong

All vinyl-siding is strong against all types of weather, with some capable of sustaining tornado-force winds of up to 240 mph! Available in a variety of weather-resistant colors, most vinyl stays straight with extra rigidity in three critical areas: the nail hem, the panel projection, and the locking system.

Vinyl is long-lasting

Also, one of the best things about vinyl is how long it lasts. You’ll have your siding looking in tip top shape for many years, especially if you opt for options such as UV inhibitors that’ll help keep your colors rich!

Vinyl is versatile and stylish

Not all vinyl siding needs to be linear. Many homeowners opt for vinyl siding options like scalloped panels that add interesting architectural detail to your home’s exterior. Vinyl comes in many shapes and sizes–it’s not just rectangular!

Vinyl is easy to wash

You’ll enjoy your vinyl siding for many seasons, but the day may come when due to acts of God or man, you’ll need to wash your siding. Don’t worry, cleaning your siding is quick and easy–a standard garden hose will be all you need. You’ll never have to touch a pressure washer again!

Alright, now that you’ve seen all of the benefits to choosing vinyl for your home, what’s stopping you from making the leap? Oh, right. We haven’t told you about installation and maintenance! Here’s everything you need to know to begin your vinyl home improvement project.


So long as it’s straight and watertight, vinyl siding can be installed over nearly any surface, even brick or stucco. Vinyl is not so much attached as it is hung. Rails are nailed into the house, but they’re done so in a “loose” fashion. That is, the nails are left just a hair proud, so the rails can slide back and forth on the wide-slotted nail holes. The vinyl siding panels are hung from these rails, free to expand and contract over the course of the year with temperature fluctuations.


Although it’s often touted as maintenance-free, vinyl siding does require some occasional work. Depending on how your house is situated, mold or grime might accumulate. For cleaning, we recommend using a solution of 30 percent vinegar and 70 percent water.

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