Open the Door to DIY


February, 2017


Open the Door to DIY

Finding a good DIY project can be a great way to repurpose things you once thought to be garbage. You can turn something old, into an art piece. Plus, the act of DIY-ing your old stuff can be fun, especially with another person! From the crafty expert to the artful novice anybody can transform their junk into jewels. In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about ways to repurpose an old door.


First, let’s take a look at projects that can be done to spruce up your living space. Most people, myself included, spend the majority of their time indoors. There are ample opportunities to add a truly unique piece to your home.


Why go for the standard, boring route when storing books and nic-nacs? You can take an old door and turn it into a book lovers dream. To start, you’ll probably want to change the color to match your decor. Doing so is easy, and all you’ll need is a little paint or stain. Next, shelves will need to be added. Make sure to measure perfectly before drilling any holes. For a great tutorial, go to bulb to blossom.


The first area people see when entering a home is the entryway. Why not give it a little extra pizazz? You can repurpose a door to have shoe storage underneath, and easily attach hooks for coats.


Next, if there’s one thing I love, it’s a sliding door. Think of all those things you’d rather have hidden, but still within reach. For example, all those DVDs taking up space and creating an eyesore? No more! Or, you could create a beverage station equipped with cocktail glasses. The possibilities are endless.


Sometimes, it just helps to write things down in order to remember them. Many people prefer planners over the calendar app on their phones for this very reason. Why not go the extra step, and turn an old door into a giant reminder? Paint the wooden panels with chalkboard paint. Then, turn the door horizontally and label the days of the week. Ta-da! You can even hang pictures, write out to dos or grocery lists.


In addition, a door can be crafted into cute corner shelves. First, cut the door in half vertically.  Then, secure the two pieces together at a 90-degree angle. The door should now fit perfectly into any corner. Add a few pieces of wood for the shelves, you can even round the edges or make an ornate design. Paint the door in an accent color, one that will make it pop. Consider adding a unique door handle, and you’re done.


Usually, summer is the season of outdoor living. A lot of people like to spend time outside with their families. There are many door DIY projects that will make your outdoor space more enjoyable. Here are a few of our favorites:

-Picnic table

Who doesn’t love having barbecues and picnics? A picnic table can cost an arm and a leg. Instead, make your own out of an old door. All you need to do is add four legs, and you’re done. On the other hand, if your backyard is full of trees put them to good use. Use a sturdy rope to hang the door for an instant tabletop.

-Planter Rack

Lastly, if you’ve got a green thumb, this one’s for you. You can repurpose an old door into a planter rack. We’ve included that tutorial here.

Hopefully, this list has given you some great ideas! Not only can door DIY save you money, but it can be fun too.

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