The Top Five Most Deadly Power Tools in Your Garage


August, 2018

All of us understand the importance of practicing proper safety when completing home renovation projects. It’s crucial to use the utmost attention when using power tools, yet sometimes these tools become so normal that we forget they can be dangerous. Here are the top tools in your own garage that you should make sure to take care with during your DIY projects.

Riding mower and snow thrower

We grouped these two tools together because they cause accidents for very similar reasons: people forget how dangerous these tools are. Both contain hundreds of spinning and moving blades and parts which are often hidden. People forget that they need to take as much care with these tools as with any other, and most accidents are due to reckless usage that results in running over animals or other people.

Table saw

With a 10-in. blade spinning at about 3500 rpm and an outside edge humming along near 108 mph, it would be silly to not already know how dangerous the table saw can be. Table saws rack up roughly 60,000 injuries per year, and those are just the reported ones. Most of these accidents occur due to a lack of training and a lack of appreciation for the equipment. Make sure to wear protective goggles, use a splitter, and consult your experts before using this dangerous tool.

a nail gun one of the most deadly tools

Nail Guns

Nail guns send 37,000 people to the ER each year. Most users pick up these tools to make framing and renovation projects go much faster, yet end up rushing through the project resulting in injury. Ending up in the emergency room will only elongate the timeline of a project, which is why nail gun accidents are typically a lesson that only needs to be learned once. If you have one of these suckers in your garage, make sure to slow down when using it. It can be exciting to accelerate your projects, but speeding through it might result in an accident.


It’s no wonder haunted houses chase scared guests around with chain-less chainsaws – these power tools are not only terrifying to inexperienced users, they’re dangerous. With chainsaws, the most dangerous part is the hefty kickback that often surprises unyielding users. The kickback occurs in a matter of seconds, and can result in minor cuts and bruises to amputations or possible death.

a chainsaw one of the most deadly tools

Power drills

While you might not have a chainsaw or riding mower in your garage, you most likely have power drills hiding around somewhere. Because these tools are so common, most people become careless. If the bits aren’t secured tightly, they can go flying and cause severe injury. If the cords are broken or old, electric shock might occur. Regardless of the reason, power drills send almost 3,000 unsuspecting DIYers to the emergency room each year.

Bonus: Repurposed tools

While there are plenty of power tools that can be dangerous when users aren’t careful, the most dangerous tools are the ones that are repurposed. Using screwdrivers as hammers, weed whackers to chop down branches, or other random methods you might find yourself considering when you’re in a pinch are all dangerous ideas that should be avoided. Next time you’re trying to repurpose a tool, take the time to go to the hardware store to simply purchase the correct tool for your needs.

Let us know your opinions on power tool safety, and which tools you stay away from for your own DIY due to safety concerns. If you’d rather leave the power tools to someone else, call us here at J-Tech today and we’ll jump in with full force ahead to get your project finished!

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