Crops That Grow Well In The Fall


September, 2017


With fall almost upon us, it’s a good time to take a look at your garden and start planting your seasonal crops. Many delicious varieties of vegetables are ready to be planted. This list will review more than 20 plants that you can put in your garden this fall season!

fall vegetables

What crops grow well in the fall?

There are all kinds of crops you can plant for the fall. Here’s a short list to get you started:

Lettuce: Plant 4-8 weeks before the frost. This mostly hardy vegetable can grow all season long. Plant it one at a time. You can even grow lettuce through the winter if you use a row cover!

Kale: Plant 6-8 weeks before the frost. Garden zones 8-10 allow you to continue planting kale throughout the fall season. As a hardy vegetable, kale becomes sweeter when grown in cooler weather.

Collards: Plant 6-8 weeks before the frost. Garden zones 8-10 allow you to grow collards all through the winter as well! Like kale, the flavor just gets better as they mature through the cold weather.

Mustard Greens: Plant 3-6 weeks before the frost. While hardy, they only tolerate a light frost. You can enjoy mustard greens all winter long as long as it doesn’t get too cold.

Spinach: Plant spinach 4-8 weeks before the frost. As a hardy winter vegetable, spinach can survive below freezing temperatures if it has already matured before it reaches that point.

Swiss Chard: Plant 10 weeks before the frost. Start it indoors and set the seedlings out at four weeks. Eat whenever the leaves are large enough and remember that the young, smaller leaves have more flavor!

Cauliflower: Plant the seeds indoors about 12 weeks before the first frost. Move them outdoors 6-8 weeks before the frost. This plant is a half-hardy vegetable and requires about six hours of sunlight during the day.

Kohlrabi: Plant 6-10 weeks before the first frost. Kohlrabi is a great vegetable for most people wanting to plant a fall garden because it matures quickly and easily. You can harvest it in about 65 days.

Leeks: Start indoors 8-12 weeks before the frost and make sure the variety you pick works well for harvesting in the fall and winter.

fall vegetables

Tips for Your Fall Garden

Growing a fall garden can be fun and offer delicious variety. However, you do need to be careful about when you plant and what you plant. Certain varieties of crops grow better in the cold than others, so look around before you buy. Likewise, many crops need to be started indoors before being moved outside.

There are a lot of hardy vegetables that will make it through freezing temperatures and even keep growing through winter, as long as they have reached maturity before the frost sets in.

Pay attention to your area’s climate and weather history so you can best estimate when to start planting your crops.

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