The Best Construction Apps


July, 2017


These days, everyone has a cellphone. Downloadable apps enrich our lives in almost every way possible. Want to listen to music? There’s an app for that. Need to pay a friend for dinner? There’s an app for that. Even in the construction world, there are a huge number of apps available for download. In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about the best construction apps.


As the name implies, Safesite is all about the safety of job sites. Their goal is to help prevent the number of on the job injuries. They aim to increase productivity as well as reduce paperwork. Plus, everything is on the app so it stays organized. Workers will be able to upload checklists from anywhere, even out in the field. Safety inspections are easy peasy, and documents can be uploaded and shared with the touch of a finger.


Another one of the best construction apps is JobFLEX. Sometimes creating an on the spot estimate isn’t the easiest thing. At least it didn’t use to be, that’s exactly what JobFLEX does. You can create a list full of deliverables, and just drag and drop to put together the estimate. Additionally, you don’t even need an internet connection to create the estimate. Also, you can add photos to show potential customers what the finished product looks like.

Construction Master Pro

Construction Master Pro enables you to carry less weight around when figuring out on the job estimates for potential clients. Estimates can be tricky because of all the math involved. Take out the guesswork with one of the best construction apps out there. There’s no need to carry around a special calculator, simply use Construction Master Pro on your phone.


A lot of construction managers find the task of tracking timesheet a daunting one. No more! TSheets is an app that all levels of employees on a construction site can use, easily. Also, you can quickly put together a schedule right on the app. If you choose, you can simply clock in all members at the same time or leave that up to them.

Photo Measures

This is probably one of the coolest apps yet. With Photo Measures you can snap a picture and add measurements right on the picture. Say goodbye to lost measurements or important information. Sometimes, writing things down can lead to confusion between co-workers. For example, “Fred” might have chicken scratch handwriting. Get rid of that problem entirely by storing all that info in one place.


In the endless sea of task management apps, Fieldwire shines brightly as one of the best construction apps out there. In fact, it’s one of the only task management apps specifically for the construction industry. Project leaders can give specific tasks to their workers easily right at their fingertips. You can set deadlines or put certain jobs into categories.

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