The Surprising Benefits of Steel Siding


JULY, 2015

Home Improvement

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and have your home resided. Did you know that there are more options out there aside from standard vinyl siding?

It’s true! In fact, one very popular option is seamless steel siding. You might not think that you’re familiar with steel siding, but we bet that you are. Believe it or not, steel siding isn’t just for industrial and/or commercial structures.

steel siding

Seamless steel siding has become a popular option for consumers.

If you’ve ever seen a house that just seemed to have a little extra “something”, seamless siding is probably contributing to that look. Now, when we say “seamless” we actually mean seamless. When it comes to siding, “seamless” refers to the fact that each piece was cut to fit the exact length that it was intended for. This gives the exterior of the house a, you guessed it!…seamless appearance. And, because there’s no seams, there’s no place for moisture to wick in and wreak havoc, which significantly decreases the possibility of rot.

Plus, with seamless siding, there’s very little waste due to the fact that each piece is cut to exact dimensions. Which, all things considered, makes seamless steel siding a pretty responsible choice when it comes to the environment. And, should there be any residual pieces, steel is completely recyclable! For those out there whom are extremely environmentally aware, ask about steel siding that’s been made from recycled materials.

“With seamless siding, there’s very little waste due to the fact that each piece is cut to exact dimensions”

On top of all of that, steel siding is very energy efficient. The steel is coated with a cool paint technology, which allows it to reflect radiant heat – keeping your home cooler in the summer. And, hey, anything that brings the air conditioning bill down during those Nebraska summer heat waves is worth it, right?

Another bonus of steel siding is its phenomenal durability. Steel siding doesn’t fade like it’s vinyl counterpart, which allows for a much wider selection of colors to chose from, including darker colors. Steel siding is also able to withstand all but the most severe of elements, including wind and hail. In fact, steel siding that’s been installed properly is virtually impossible for wind to pry loose. All in all, steel siding is able to handle pretty much anything that Mother Nature tries to throw at it!

Speaking of Mother Nature, it’s good to know that seamless steel siding can be installed during any point of the year. That’s not to say that installing it might not be the most fun thing to do in cold temperatures but, since steel doesn’t crack in the bitter cold like vinyl does, it can be done.

Of all the siding choices on the market, we know that seamless steel siding probably wasn’t the first to come to mind. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a viable alternative to vinyl. If you’re interested in learning more about seamless steel siding, please give us a call. J-Tech Construction, in Lincoln, Nebraska, is your local leader in steel siding installation!

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