Jason Talks Solar Panels with Channel 8


JULY, 2016

Solar Panels
Green Energy

Have you ever wondered if solar energy is a viable option for your home? Are you interested in saving money on electricity, while simultaneously helping the environment?

Sure you have. As conscious Americans, we are always seeking for more efficient ways to save money, help the environment, and better our quality of life. In previous years, solar energy was a lofty investment and many homeowners have not revisited the option since. Those days are long gone and solar panels are more affordable now than ever.

This week, our owner, Jason Olberding, sat down with Channel 8 News in Lincoln, Nebraska to discuss the finer points of solar panels and solar energy. Solar energy is an incredibly efficient way to power your home, your business, and your agricultural efforts. Jason explains the tax benefits to installing, our free consultation process, and how you can help the environment and your pocket book at the same time. Check out the video below!

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