Construction Equipment and Cars Play Soccer


August, 2016

Soccer on its own is an exciting spectacle. But when you play with construction equipment and cars instead of your own feet, things get more exciting on the field. Today, we bring you a video that you definitely don’t have to be in the construction industry to appreciate.

The video below was taken by a remote controlled drone at the 3rd Annual Fastracs Auto Soccer game held in Red Hook, NY. The whole event is put on by Red Hook company Fastracs Excavating Inc, and combines the adrenaline of soccer with the excitement and power of demolition rallies…plus excavators thrown in as a cherry on the top

The event uses the excavators as their team’s goalies, demolition derby cars in place of players, and a soccer ball with a diameter of 8 feet.

If you’re at all familiar with the game Rocket League, this annual event is essentially Rocket League in real life. Real cars, real people, real damage and real fun!

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