Interior Updates for Winter


January, 2018


Winter sounds like a bad time to work on your home. Leaving windows open for ventilation can drastically lower the temperature in your house, and running the heat at a higher temperature can cost more money. Fortunately, there are plenty of home improvements you can do indoors while the winter chills your siding. While gutter installation or new window installation in Lincoln, NE means you’re probably calling in the experts, we found some great interior projects you can tackle at home (some with a little help) to keep your winter season productive.

Re-rock Your Fireplace

Putting new stonework in a living space can drastically change the feel of the room. That’s why re-rocking a fireplace can be a wonderful update to complete during the winter. First, grab stone supplies which match the color scheme of your living space, mortar, and stone/brick spacers at a home improvement store. Remove any loose or degraded bricks from your fireplace with a mason’s hammer, then, take measurements and lay out a template with those measurements using painter’s tape. Then, you can take all your new stone materials and lay them out so they fit the fireplace to a T. Apply the mortar to the back of the stone using a trowel and insert spacers between the pieces to ensure a uniform look. Let all stones set for at least a full 24 hours before removing the spacers.

Put up a New Mantle

Spice up your fireplace in the new year with a floating mantel. This home improvement project is easy to do, and it adds value to your living spaces. Make sure your DIY mantel tool kit includes a level, a drill, drill bits and lag bolts. However, the most important part of your mantel is the mantel itself. Select a wooden beam that will go with the overall look and feel of your living space. To install the wooden beam as your new mantel, drill holes into the wall of your fireplace. Make sure to place the mantel slightly above the fireplace to avoid fire hazards. Once the holes are drilled, you’ll be able to drill the mantel into your wall and display your photos.

Install Faux Ceiling Beams

Faux ceiling beams are a great, aesthetically pleasing way to change the look of your living space. Cedar beams are beautiful and smell fantastic, but truly any wood type will work if it matches your color scheme. If you have a circular saw, you can cut beams yourself. If not, head to a home improvement store and give them the measurements for your new beams. They should fit snugly from wall to wall. Attach the beam to already existing ceiling joists or add “blocking” along the way to help you. Blocking refers to the practice of adding a small block of the same wood type to the ceiling every 2-3 feet along the line on which the new beam would lie. Then, attach the beam to the blocks using long nails. Stain your beam before attaching it to the ceiling.

Update Backsplash

Tiles used for kitchen backsplash are easy to install. All you’ll need is a tile adhesive and the tile pattern of your choice. Some tiles even come pre-assembled so you can put up about ten tiles at one time! If you’re looking for an easier, cheaper fix for ugly backsplash, paint it! Choosing one simple color, usually a greyscale of some kind, is best. Always use a primer before painting so that you won’t have to put on multiple coats of paint. It’s amazing how a simple paint color can change the entire look of a kitchen!

Which of these projects are you planning to tackle in the next few months? Let us know in the comments. To get help with a home improvement project, drop us a line and the J-Tech team will give you a call!

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