The benefits of high quality windows this winter


December, 2016


The benefits of high quality windows this winter.

Having high quality windows installed in your home is very beneficial. Year round, you can expect that your investment will be worth it. Windows may be the last thing on your mind when winter rolls around. But there are many advantages including lower energy bills, less stress, and comfort. In this blog we’ll talk about the benefits of high quality windows this winter.

Reduce Utility Cost

Firstly, many find that winter can be an expensive season. Not only do you have to worry about the holidays, but rising utility costs as well. To remedy this, countless homeowners are making the switch to high quality windows. Windows older than 15 years are much more likely to need a replacement. Trying to keep doing “patch jobs” every year can really add up. You’ll be much better off investing in high quality windows. Experts say that quality windows can reduce utility bills by up to 12 percent. In addition, some utility companies give rebates for having high quality windows. All those savings can go towards other, more important things.

Relieve Stress

Secondly, do yourself a favor and reduce your stress this winter. On top of family gatherings, holiday events, and work, winter can be a stressful time. Why worry yourself with heating your home? Not only that, but older windows are not very stylish. If you worry about appearances, new windows can certainly perk your space up. There are many different styles to choose from. At the same time, high quality windows will allow more natural light into your home. Also, older windows can lead to a colder home. It can be a hassle to deal with a cold home in the winter. Especially if you have children, or pets. In addition, winter can be a depressing time for some. There is no need to add to that feeling. Decrease your stress levels this winter by having high quality windows.


Lastly, having high quality windows in your home will increase your comfort. The most obvious reason being that your home will be warmer. High quality windows keep the heat in. Conversely, poor quality windows will lead to cold drafts in the home. This leads to turning the thermostat up to make up for it. In addition, older windows are more likely to build condensation. Single pane windows can cause water vapor to condense on the inside of the windows in cold weather. Condensation is not a very pleasant thing to have in general, but in the winter is especially bad. Not only that, but condensation can lead to mold. In addition to being uncomfortable, mold can lead to health issues. Another example of how high quality windows will improve your comfort is they provide more quiet. Dual or triple pane windows have more material for sound to travel through. High quality windows have a better seal. A more quiet home can make it easier to relax, and potentially help gain more sleep.

Get the Right Supplies

Usually, shingles and gutters are common places to put light clips. These clips secure strings of lights to rough surfaces and are able to withstand harsh holiday weather conditions. Typically, they are made from sturdy plastic that attaches underneath the shingles or the edge of gutters. Depending on the lights, these clips secure the light bulb itself or the string that connects each bulb. Some lights come with plastic clips attached, but these may not be sturdy enough to hold against harsh weather. Plastic clips are cost effective, and give your home a professional look for the holidays. Other options that won’t damage your home are metal hooks or magnet attachments. Metal light hooks are tough and discreet. Many people leave them up all year. Magnetic clips attach to the bottom of each light bulb, which will connect them to any metal surface.

As you can see, there are multiple benefits to having high quality windows. From reducing your utility costs, decreasing stress, and improving your comfort.

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