How To Get Your Gutters Ready For Winter




Lets face it, winter is right around the corner and you’re not ready for the cold. Well, neither is your house, especially your gutters.

Your gutters move water away from your house in order to protect it, and what do you get with winter’s snow and ice? Water! That’s why keeping your gutters clean for the winter is so important.

Before the first snow of the season falls, there is something else to consider. The falling leaves leading up to winter can clog your gutters and create trapped water. These standing pools of water will ultimately attract unwanted pests, especially mosquitoes, looking to make your gutters their new home.

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Keeping your gutters clean for the winter is so important.

Come December, when winter is in full swing, the last thing you want to deal with is backed up water that freezes in your gutters, causing ice dams that will eventually damage your roof. To prevent the water from freezing, it needs to be able to move quickly through your gutters and away from your house. Of course, the number one thing that would prevent this from happening is the leaves and other debris causing a blockage, so if you want to be decking the halls and ringing in the New Year with a house that’s in good shape, get your gutters cleared out sooner rather than later. But remember, it is important to wait until the majority of the autumn leaves have fallen, so consider that when choosing an afternoon to tackle your gutters.

“The falling leaves leading up to winter can clog your gutters and create trapped water.”

Let’s talk about how to clean your gutters and get them ready for the cold months ahead. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you’re wearing a shirt with long sleeves and rubber gloves to prevent scratching yourself or dinging your arms up. Perhaps the most important thing to consider when preparing to clean your gutters is your ladder! For your safety, have a quality, extendable ladder that’s stable. Standoff stabilizers, sometimes called ladder horns, are also a good idea when it comes to leaning the ladder against the edge of the gutter to avoid damaging it.

Once you get up there you will need something to scoop the debris out with. This can be done with a gutter scoop from a hardware store, or even with a kids sand shovel. The debris can then be placed into a bucket, bag, or thrown on your lawn. If you want to protect your lawn and be able to remove the leaves easily later, consider laying down a large tarp. Once you have cleared all the debris out of the gutter flush it out with a regular garden hose, don’t forget the downspouts, too!

Cleaning gutters is not a fun afternoon, and is a task that is often overlooked, so if you get up to clean those gutters and notice damage, it may be time to replace them, and that is where we come in. Some people love Winter, some hate it, either way it can be a difficult time, so let us help you out, and you can enjoy the vast Winter Wonderland inside your warm home.

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