Common Gutter Cleaning Myths


April, 2017


Many homeowners simply don’t think about upkeep when it comes to their gutters. But if you take this approach it could lead to serious damage to your home. Taking care of your gutters is essential to avoid costly water damage issues. Or, you could always call a professional and spare yourself a trip to the roof. Neglect could lead to issues like foundation damage, structural problems, flooding, erosion of the landscape, and soffit or fascia rot. When it comes to cleaning them, there are a few gutter cleaning myths.

Gutter Cleaning Myth #1

To start, those that clean out their gutters think that removing the debris and gunk is good enough. Sorry, but your work doesn’t stop there. In order to properly clean your gutters, it’s important to inspect the entire system. To do so, check all seams and look for leaks. In addition, you should flush your downspouts to prevent any clogging. Also, make sure the gutter system is draining the right way.

Gutter Cleaning Myth #2

Secondly, a common gutter cleaning myth is that it’s easy. Wrong! Cleaning out getter systems is anything but easy. It means that you have to climb a ladder to access the gunk, and that can be dangerous. If you decide to clean your gutters without the help of a professional, be sure to follow safety precautions. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself at risk for serious injury.

Gutter Cleaning Myth #3

It’s a common misconception for homeowners to think that cleaning gutters once a year is good enough. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but in order for gutter systems to work their very best they should be cleaned a few times a year. Especially if there has been some harsh weather. Storms could do a number on the exterior of your home, and gutters are no exception. Additionally, you never know what kind of stuff is going to get stuck in your gutters.

Gutter Cleaning Myth #4

Another gutter cleaning myth is that you can just clean them whenever you feel like it. Take some time to strategize when you clean the gutters. This can definitely determine how effective the whole procedure is. For example, cleaning out gutters during or after fall is a good time due to all the fallen leaves. The middle of winter, however, may not be the best choice.

Gutter Cleaning Myth #5

Lastly, you would be mistaken if you think leaf protection systems don’t also need regular maintenance. The whole point of leaf protection systems is to prevent debris from getting into gutters, right? While that’s true, it’s possible for other types pf debris to get in beside leaves. For instance, sticks, pine needles, and seeds might get stuck in the gutters. Plus, when it comes time to clean them homeowners have to remove the gutter guards before they can even get to work.

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