and Gutter Installation.


and Gutter Installation.

Protect your Tri-City home and your business with J-Tech 5 & 6 inch aluminum and steel gutters. Our gutters strategically move water away from your property, protecting it from water damage. We also offer leaf guards to keep your gutters free from debris that can cause gutters to back up, leak and overflow. Before Seamless gutters had begun to grow in popularity, traditional seamed gutters are what you would find on almost every home. These gutter systems consisted of pieces that had to be assembled together with joints and hinges. This caused many problems for homeowners because having multiple gutter parts put together would leave room for corrosion and leaks to develop over time.

Protect Your Home

Weather is not easy on traditional seamed gutters either. With the way a seamed gutter system is designed, there is hardly any protection from natural wear and tear from rain, wind, debris, and animals.

Now, here is the difference between traditional and Seamless gutters; Seamless gutters come in just one piece, so there is no room for vulnerability or connected joints and hinges which could eventually lead to leaks and cracks in your gutter system.

Seamless is defined as smooth or continuous, being one huge connected piece with no room for space or gaps. So this means, essentially, no room for weak points that could be problematic especially with the severe weather in Grand Island and the surrounding area. When paired with a leaf guard, the design of J-Tech’s seamless gutter system promotes liquid Adhesion which allows rainwater to flow through and down easily without getting clogged or filled with leaves and debris.

Also, with the manufacturing of larger gutter bottoms, 3×4 downspouts can handle the heaviest of rainfalls meaning it will never clog. As the gutter system comes in one long piece matching the dimensions of your home, J-Tech also offers a protective hood which will save you from leaves, debris, and cleaning out your gutters regularly. Not only do J-Tech’s seamless gutters save you time and offer you a fully functional system, they will improve the aesthetics of your home.

With the one of the most experienced team of gutter installers in the Tri-Cities you can be sure you are getting great quality workmanship with J-Tech. The gutter crews at J-Tech are loyal employees rather than subcontractors. This means they are always held to the same J-Tech standards. What that means for you, the homeowner, is that you can be sure that J-Tech will take complete care of all your gutter needs.



Large, affordable residential gutters, available in aluminum, that move water away from the property quickly and effectively.


Large, affordable commercial gutters, available in aluminum or in steel, that move water away from the property quickly and effectively.


Leaf Logic is an all aluminum, self cleaning, gutter cover system that can offer you front and back gutter protection and invisibility from the ground.


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