2018 Home Improvement New Year’s Resolutions


December, 2017


As the new year approaches, most of us are setting New Year’s resolutions for ourselves. These goals often include weight loss, career advancement and other personal measures of success. This year, add home improvement goals to your 2018 New Year’s resolutions. Start with these three as we tell you how to improve safety, save money and breathe fresher air around your home.

Improve safety

Make safety part of your home routine in 2018. Go beyond locking your doors and windows, and make sure your house is safe from the inside out.

Take a few minutes to clean all the lint from your dryer vent. This will not only help your clothes dry faster, but could also keep your home safe from this fire hazard. Another easy step to protect your home and your family is to check your smoke detectors. Test the batteries in your smoke detectors and be sure your fire extinguishers are working properly. While you’re testing batteries, make sure to test your carbon monoxide detectors too! Radon test kits are low-cost and easy to use. Find out if your home has radon, which is a colorless, odorless gas.

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Save money

Set a budget for your home improvement projects this year. By setting aside some money, you’ll be able to cover the cost of home maintenance expenses, both expected and unexpected. Start 2018 with a home improvement budget to pay for a new kitchen appliance, upgraded windows or that much-needed roof replacement.

Use the money you’ve set aside for home improvements to improve the energy efficiency of your house. Take a careful look at your heating and cooling (HVAC) system. Make sure your ducts are sealed and insulated. With quality insulation, triple pane windows, doors that shut tightly and a roof that’s built well, you can make your home more energy efficient. The more energy efficient your home is, the more money you’ll save on your energy bill every month. During the winter months, heat will be trapped inside and the cold air will be kept out. In the summer, your home will stay nice and cool while the sun beats down outside.

Other easy ways to save money around the house in 2018 include turning your lights off when you’re not in the room, shorten your showers and replace your lights with more efficient LED bulbs.

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Breathe fresh air

Wildfires and pollution often start a conversation about the air quality outside but what about the air quality inside your home? In 2018, resolve to improve your indoor quality of air. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that air indoors can contain potentially harmful contaminants, even when wildfires and pollution aren’t prevalent in your area. Common air contaminants in homes across the country include dust, mold spores, and pollen. The flu bug and other viruses can also infect the quality of air inside your home.

Breathe easier in 2018 by improving your home’s air quality. Regularly changing your furnace filters and maintaining your HVAC system is an easy way to get cleaner air inside your home. Make sure your kitchen and bathrooms have good ventilation systems that exhaust the air directly outdoors, not to your attic. This eliminates excess fumes and humidity from inside your house. If you’re planning to paint your house, purchase paint that with low VOC. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These toxins are commonly found in paint to help improve its performance and overall look. Low VOC paint releases a lower level of these emissions, allowing you and your family to breathe in cleaner air.

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