How to Stain a Deck


January, 2017


How to Stain a Deck

A nice outdoor space is the entertainer’s paradise, and having a deck is even better. However, all that foot traffic and exposure to outside elements can take a toll. In fact, decks require some maintenance to insure they stay in tip top shape. Staining a deck is a great way to beautify your outside area, and keep it that way for a long time. In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about the proper steps to stain a deck.

Get prepared

Before you even think about getting started, you have to make sure the surface is ready. First off, the wood needs to be nice and dry. You can’t work with a deck that is soaking wet, so if it has rained recently you’ll need to wait. Similarly, if there is rain in the forecast within the next few days, postpone. This is because the stain won’t adhere to a damp surface and it can peel or crack, which wouldn’t look very nice. On the other hand, the deck needs to be clean. Sweep the entire surface, and then wash the surface with a wood cleaner. After all the cleaner is washed off, let the deck dry for a couple days. You might be anxious to get started, but this is an important step and shouldn’t be skipped.

The Right Stain

Make a trip to your local home improvement store to purchase stain. Since there are a lot of different types, it’s smart to ask someone for help and possibly recommendations. If you already have a look in mind, great! If not, we’ll just quickly go over the different kinds. First, is wood toned and clear stains. These stains are clear or lightly tinted and are transparent. These kinds show the most wood grain and texture of all the stains. Next, you have semi-transparent stains which are lightly pigmented and just like the name implies they are only semi-transparent. They are more colorful than clear stains, but you’re still able to see the wood grain. Or, there is always semi-solid stain, which covers most of the wood grain but still shows some of the texture. Lastly, solid stains are the most opaque and completely hide the wood grain and most of the texture.

Ready, Set, Stain

Make an escape plan. In other words, make sure you know where the start and finish is. You don’t want to get stuck on the deck because of improper planning. Protect the exterior walls by placing painters type around the perimeter. Now you’re ready! You’ll want to have completely mixed stains it’s not uneven in any places. Paint pads have a really good reputation for using to stain a deck, consider using one. Apply a solid coat, and if necessary use a paintbrush for the hard to reach areas. Try not to use too much stain, it can crack or peel if it’s too heavy. Wait at least 24 hours for the stain to fully dry before placing any furniture on the surface. Every once in awhile, you’ll need to reapply stain to keep it looking it’s best. Now enjoy!

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