Your One Stop Shop All Year Long


December, 2016


Your One Stop Shop All Year Long

Most homeowners need to repair the exterior of their house every so often. Mainly, this is due to changes in weather. While we are nice and protected on the inside, the exterior of our homes can take a beating. Living in the Midwest you may experience some extreme weather. For example, strong winds, hailstorms, heavy rain, cold weather, snow, ice, and even sun. So, what can you do when there is damage to your homes exterior? Many companies do not offer a wide range of services, which you may need. J-tech Construction is your one stop shop, whenever you may find that your home needs some TLC.


First off, as midwesterners we regularly experience a slew of different weather. In Summer, the temperature can sometimes get into the hundreds. Conversely, in the winter the temp can go below zero. How then, do we protect ourselves from these drastic changes in temperature? One of the best options for keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter is high quality windows. Dual pane windows are exactly as they sound. Two panes of glass separate you from the outside instead of just one. However, triple pane windows are the most highly recommended. They are next level and the highest quality for you and your family.


Additionally, at some point in your life may find yourself needing a new door. Maybe, you’ve had some damage from the weather. Sometimes, summer heat can cause a doorframe to expand. On the other hand, winter cold can cause door frames to contract. Both of these can result in a door that is hard to open. Or, you may just find that you’d like to add some curb appeal with the addition of a new door. Whatever your reasoning might be, you’ll find the perfect style at J-tech Construction.


Next up, the siding on your home can get damaged from extreme weather. For example, wind and hail can cause a great amount of damage to siding. There are different types of siding that can get damaged. Vinyl siding is usually the most prone to damage, and may need repair after a storm. Common signs of damage are cracks, chipping, and sometimes even holes. When the siding of your home has sustained damage, you are no longer being protected from the outside elements. Vinyl siding is sometimes thought to be the most attractive, low maintenance, and affordable. However, our most highly recommended product is seamless siding. It comes in a wide range of colors, styles and it is manufactured on the job. Because of this, you recieve the highest quality product that is super durable. J-tech construction offers a wide range of top quality siding options, to fit any customers needs.


Also, gutters can give homeowners headaches. In the past, many homes traditionally had seamed gutters. Meaning, gutter systems came in pieces and would have to be assembled with joints and hinges. Nowadays, this style of gutter system is frowned upon as they can corrode and cause leaks to develop. In addition, gutters can get damaged from extreme midwest weather. Gutters can get bent or loosen from hailstorms and heavy wind. This is especially true if gutters are old or not securely fashioned. Sometimes, heavy rain will wash debris into gutters, causing them to clog. Once clogged, there could be a backup of water that will possibly cause roof damage. Nobody wants that! At J-tech construction, we offer seamless gutter systems. These are installed in one piece, meaning there are no junctions corrosion or leaks to develop. In addition, leaf guards can help ensure that debris will not get washed into gutters.


Lastly, lets take a look at how weather can damage a roof, and what you can do about it. Many people say they are happy to have a roof over their heads, but what if that roof is damaged? The roof is the most essential part of your home, and should be checked regularly for damage. Along with the summer heat, we can expect to have high humidity. Heat can cause shingles to curl, and humidity can cause condensation. But, who can forget about heavy winds and hail. Sometimes hailstorms are bad enough that they cause dents. Persistent storms can remove the coarse surface of shingles, which protect your home from harmful UV rays. On the other hand, winter weather comes with its own set of potential problems. The sheer weight of snow and ice can cause a roof to sag or deteriorate. All of our technicians at J-tech Construction have the experience and care to make sure your roof is of the highest quality.

As you can see, the exterior of your home can become damaged from extreme weather. Living in the Midwest makes this statement especially true. Call J-tech Construction for all your exterior needs. We are your one stop shop for making your home comfortable, stylish, and safe from outside elements.

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