Find the Perfect Walkway for your Yard


June, 2017


The first thing people see before entering your home is the landscape and the exterior of your home. A great way to increase curb appeal and possibly the value of your home is a unique walkway. There are so many different designs out there, as well as different materials. Some people opt for a simple walkway, others go for something more intricate. Whatever style or material you choose for your walkway, make sure it complements the style of your home nicely.

Stepping Stones

The beginner DIY-ers paradise is just a step away. Laying stepping stones as a walkway to your home is probably the easiest route. Not to mention they look great, too. Before you get started, look for a path that has naturally been made by foot traffic. This is where you’ll want to place your stepping stones. Walk the path and mark the ground where your feet land, this is where each stone will go. Now, place the stones on the marks and outline each one with a utility knife. Set the stones aside for now. Dig out the soil, about an inch deeper than the depth of the stone. Make sure that the holes are as flat as you can make them, you can use a level if necessary.

Once all the holes are completed, you can either pour sand or crushed limestone into them. Each layer should be about 1/4 to 1/2 and inch and utilize the level to make it as flat as possible. Now you’re ready to lay the stones!

Brick Walkway

Secondly, brick walkways are classic and never go out of style. There are many different ways to lay a brick path, so selecting a design might be a challenge. The preparation is very similar to that of stepping stones. Depending on the height of the bricks, you’ll need to dig out a path deep enough for them and a sand bed. Like you did before, sand should be packed tightly and as level, as you can get it. The design most people choose requires the use of a block splitter. Lay the bricks on top of the sand and use a rubber mallet to secure them in place. A brick walkway requires some maintenance over time, so keep that in mind. If the path gets uneven, pry individual bricks out and relay them with new sand, ensuring that they are level again.

Some other designs include wooden walkways, crushed glass, stenciled or stamped concrete, or even something as simple as mulch. Use your imagination to create the walkway of your dreams.

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