When To (NOT) Do It Yourself


July, 2018

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as completing a major project all on your own. Once you check one to-do off your list, it’s easy to become addicted to the satisfaction of DIY projects. Here at J-Tech, we love empowering homeowners to complete their own projects and improvements on their homes and businesses. Sometimes, though, projects need a balance between DIY efforts and trained professionals. When is it time to put the hammer down and call your local experts?

Is there fire required? Or sparks included?

With DIY projects, it’s best to refrain from anything involving electrical work or fire. Unless you’ve been properly trained on how to avoid injury or property damage, it’s best to not take the risk. Live electrical wires can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious damage, injury, or death if dealt with improperly. Even if you feel confident about your project and are trained to deal with electricity, be sure to refresh yourself on safety methods of working with live electric currents. If you’re unsure of any of the correct protocols, call an expert and rest easy knowing you won’t hurt yourself, your family, or your home.

man and woman working on flooring

Almost all things floors

Unless you’ve been trained to lay tile, sand wooden floors, tear up carpet, or basically anything else involving the flooring of your home, it’s best to leave those projects to the professionals. Flooring projects made our list of things to never DIY, mainly because of the hefty price tag that goes along with it. If you decide to paint your home or build an unattached shed, mistakes can be easily smoothed over or replaced without any major cost or effort. If the flooring you lay is broken, incorrectly measured, uneven, or poorly placed, you’ll have to repurchase your material and delay your project even longer.

If it’s too tall for your tallest ladder…

If the tallest ladder you own isn’t tall enough for your project, it’s not a project to DIY. You might think to yourself, “the ladder I own isn’t tall to begin with.” If the ladders you own aren’t that tall, you might feel like this point does not apply to you. However, simply buying a taller ladder isn’t the answer. Consider the fact that you don’t have experience with tall ladders a safety concern. If you’re inexperienced with roofing, cutting trees, or any other dangerously tall project, leave this one alone until your experts can help you.

man working on wiring at home

When you need a permit

If you’re googling how to obtain the proper permits for your project, chances are, this might not be the best DIY project at the moment. Professionals often already have the specific permits needed, and understand exactly why the permit is required. If you embark on a hefty project and either omit the permit or aren’t aware you need one, you stumble upon many risks. Firstly, if a pesky neighbor tattles on you to the neighborhood watch, your project could be halted by inspectors or even law enforcement. Next, when selling your home, you’re legally required to disclose unpermitted work to potential buyers. This can give you plenty of headaches down the line when people aren’t comfortable purchasing your home thanks to that DIY project you embarked on five years prior.

If this blog has convinced you to choose the professionals for your project, call us right now for a free estimate. When you see the final result, you’ll be glad you didn’t choose DIY.

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