2018 is Time to Look Expensive


February, 2018


J-Tech Construction understands that homeowners not only want to increase the efficiency and safety of their homes but the aesthetics as well. This week we’re introducing the idea of using paint to update your interior. Small paint projects can not only increase the value of your home but can make your home design appear more expensive. We’re going to walk you through some of our favorite DIY paint improvements to make your home look more valuable.


Paint your vinyl or linoleum flooring

Painting old vinyl flooring with cleaner, vibrant colors can take your old bathroom or laundry room to the next level. Most homeowners opt for easy patterns such as stripes or chevron patterns, while others experiment with more elaborate patterns using stencils. We suggest using a combination of light and dark patterns (many renovators use colors like white and navy to create a vivid contrast). To prime, you can use regular latex primer like the primer you use on walls. Then, invest in a gallon or two of porch paint to cover your flooring.

Paint faux windows on garage

By investing in simple hardware, exterior primer, glossy satin finish paint, and a roll of painters tape, you can transform your drab garage door into a faux carriage garage door in a matter of hours. By using the tape to help block out squared windows along the top of your garage, the black shiny paint resembles windows from afar. You can make the faux windows as large or small as you please, but we like making them match the grooves of the garage. Also, by making the windows smaller, they’ll appear more realistic.

Paint your ceiling

Accent ceilings are the new accent walls. By choosing a vibrant color to compliment the rest of your interior, you can make rooms feel larger and brighter. Most homeowners feel nervous making such a commitment, but the bolder color, the better. Be sure to place plastic on your floors and use caution, as painting your ceiling can get messy. Once you’re done, your home will look and feel way more expensive. (We also like this idea of a DIY wood planked ceiling. While still a statement, wood creates a more rustic feeling rather than the modern feeling a crisp coat of paint creates).


Paint with liquid stainless steel paint

Did you know liquid stainless steel paint is a thing? Homeowners love new kitchen appliances, but can’t always fork out the money for the investment. Spray-on products (Rust-Oleum and Krylon) are great for small projects, such as updating hardware or other small non-heated appliances. However, liquid stainless steel paint is specially made of steel flakes and sold with a clear coat to create the most authentic and heat-safe stainless steel result. You can use this special paint on stoves, fridges, and many other common appliances. However, there are some surface and heat restrictions, so if you love this paint project as much as we do, make sure you ask your paint professionals if liquid stainless steel paint is appropriate for your kitchen.

Only paint half the wall

No, we’re not being lazy. Painting half a wall can make your ceiling appear taller, making your home look more expensive. We suggest using a brighter eye-catching color on the bottom (blues, greens, purples) and a neutral color on top (grays, browns, shades of white). If you already have a color you like on your walls and want to take your home to the next level, painting half of your wall can be a quick project (just be careful to not splatter paint on the other half of the wall).

By taking these small steps, you can use paint to make your home look more expensive. Make sure to consult your local professionals to ensure you use the correct primer, paint, and finish. Also, remember most paint projects are not permanent. You can change and adjust your paint decisions down the line if you change your mind, meaning these tips for improvement are always relevant. Now, time to pick up your paintbrush, choose your canvas and make your home look extravagant.

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