Small Updates To Make Your Home Kid-Friendly


July, 2018

J-Tech Construction loves what even the smallest home improvement projects can do for families. It’s important to make sure your home is not only fun and inviting, but safe for people of all ages. This is especially true for individuals with small children. By making small updates to your home, you’ll feel better letting your little ones running around.

Rounding Corners

One of the most common safety risk people experience with children in homes are the sharp corners around every turn. By exploring the option of radius corners, you might find a solution to your problem. Rounded corners in a home not only provide a softer aesthetic, but a safer experience for kids of all ages. If you’re constructing a home, this will be an easy addition before the building begins. However, if you’re considering adding rounded corners in your already established home, don’t worry. With only a few steps, you can personally make your corners softer in order to make your home kid friendly.

Raising Outlets

With new information coming to light that electrical plugs might be even more dangerous and absurd than most people imagine, parents are turning their eyes to different options in order to keep tiny fingers out of electrical outlets. Luckily, with minor effort, you can move an electrical plug up a finished wall. You’ll need a few basic tools along with more specific ones such as 12-2 non metallic electrical cables and assorted electrical hole rubber grommets. If you’re a home improvement novice, you may want to call a certified electrician to help you out on this project.

motion sensored lights on a wall

Motion Sensored Lights

Motion sensored lights are the perfect addition to your kid friendly home. We’ve all faced the frustration of convincing children to turn off the lights when they leave a room, why not just make a small adjustment to never have to fight that battle again? You can install indoor motion sensored lights in one day and for minimal cost. If you’re opting for outdoor motion sensored lights, it’s best to choose ones that allow you to adjust the outdoor parameters so every leaf and car doesn’t set off the motion light.

a baby gate, one of many small updates you can make to your home

DIY Baby Gates

Just because you have kiddos running around the house doesn’t mean that you need to have ugly baby gates in sight. By exploring your DIY baby gate options you will be able to make your home safe for the kids while also maintaining the aesthetic of your home. There are plenty of DIY options, including more extravagant options such as barn doors or specialty pallet gates, while other people might opt for more temporary or affordable options such as fabric or PVC pipe gates. Whatever option you might choose, DIY baby gates are a great option for parents or homeowners looking to make small updates for a kid friendly home.

These are just a few of our favorite home amendments for kids. There are plenty of options for you if you’re looking to make your home more kid friendly, and J-Tech Construction is here to help. If you’d like consultation on your new projects, or if you don’t feel quite qualified to tackle a construction project alone, contact us today for more help. We’re here to give you a free estimate on your future improvement projects from roofing to siding to gutter installation, and are excited to explore all of your exterior improvement options!

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