Keep Your Family Safe, and Your Home Safer


January, 2018


One of the best ways to improve your home in the new year is to update your safety features. Most homeowners think that a lock on their doors and a working smoke detector is enough to keep their families safe. However, because 66% of all burglaries are residential, your family is more likely to be one of the roughly 300,000 which are burglarized every year. That fact, compounded with the approximately 50,000 home fires caused by faulty electrical wires and thousands of other accidents which happen in homes annually, means that the best way to keep your family safe is to keep your home safe. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of the 4 easiest ways to keep your home safe in 2018!

Watch your Water Temp

There are multiple stories of small children being burned by too-hot water in showers and bathtubs every year. While many new showers come with anti-scald devices, older homes and models typically don’t have these in place. Check your water heater to ensure the maximum water temperature is set at about 120 degrees. There’s no reason to need water hotter than that in showers, sinks, dishwashers, or washing machines, so having the ability to crank your water temp to 140 is not just unnecessary, it’s dangerous as well. You can also install anti-scald valves in your showers to ensure you won’t encounter too-hot water. Cheaper models start at around $20.

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Keep Door Plates in Place

One of the ways burglars enter homes is the way the rest of us do: through the door. However, they tend to go about it a little differently. To stop a burglar from kicking your door down, you’ll want to replace the screws in your door plate. Buy buying longer screws (at least one and a half inches long) as opposed to the quarter inch screws typically used, you’ll end up screwing them much farther into the door frame. The average burglar won’t keep trying to open the same door for too long to stay inconspicuous, and the longer screws will mean they will have to kick harder and more frequently to bring down your door. Rather than doing that, they will likely move on and leave your home and your family alone. If worse comes to worst and your doors can’t be reinforced, installing a new door may be the best way to ensure your family’s safety.

Wrap Up Window Woes

Many homeowners move into houses assuming they’re in perfect shape, only to find out that simple updates have not been completed. Ensure your family’s safety by checking the window locks on all your windows. They should latch tightly, not budging when your wiggle or shake the window. If your window locks slide, it may be time to change the locks or install new windows to fix the problem. If you notice cracked windows, have those fixed immediately as well. Burglars will look for easy points of entry, and busted windows top that list.

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Reduce Wire Clutter

As we mentioned, over 50,000 house fires start every year due to electrical issues. To deter this unfortunate incident in your own home, keep wires uncluttered and don’t keep them under furniture. Label cords for items that stay plugged in, like TVs or desktop computers. Keep all cords untangled (rearrange them on the power strip if need be) and tie off excess cord using zip ties to keep everything neat. This will ensure the integrity of the wires. If they don’t get cut or damaged, they are less likely to bring about potential hazards.

What other home safety updates will you complete in the new year? For more information on new doors or windows to keep your home safe, call J-Tech Construction today!

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