Find the Perfect Bird Bath for Your Yard


July, 2017


Whether you’re a full blown bird watcher, or simply appreciate the occasional aerial visitor you’ll love having a bird bath in your yard. There are so many different kinds of bird baths that you’re sure to find one that matches your style. Don’t know where to start? That’s ok, we’ve compiled a list of different bird bath types.


To start, a bird bath that is very simple to DIY is one that rests directly on the ground. When people think of a bird bath, most of the time this isn’t what they picture. However, it is one of the most simple. For the most part, only large birds will use this kind.


The most well-known type of bird bath is one on a pedestal. For that reason, there are a lot more styles available. They are fairly easy to set up but can get a little heavy.


If your feathered friends like to bathe in style, a fountain with an attached bird bath is the perfect fit. Fountain bird baths also have moving water, and have the ability to attract more birds because of the noise and movement. Plus, who wouldn’t want a fountain in their yard?


A lot of homeowners are into hanging decorations and yard decor rather than just placing it on the ground. If that’s your bag then a hanging bird bath is calling your name. Most of the time, they are the least expensive out of all your options. However, there are limited styles available so keep that in mind.


There are people who take bird watching to the next level by providing heated bird baths. Even though the name implies that the water is warm, it usually just means that the basin keeps water from freezing during the colder months. This is great for birds as they can preserve more energy for survival.


Another high-end type of bird bath is one that is powered by solar energy. Usually, the energy is used to heat the water or make the water look more appealing by adding movement. If you go this route, be prepared to shell out some cash as it’s the most expensive bird bath out there.

All of these types of bird baths also come in a variety of materials. Some of the most popular materials for bird baths are concrete, ceramic, and plastic. But, there is also a large range of other materials. For example, there are marble bird baths for upscale fountains. On the other hand, glass or stone is sometimes used for bird baths with pictures or patterns. Also, some people opt for certain types of metal such as copper. All of this really just depends on personal preference.

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