What Should I Add To My Tool Collection?


April, 2018

If you’re someone who likes to complete your home projects yourself, you know the importance of keeping a hefty toolbox at all times. You never know what you might need for any given project, and by staying prepared you can save hours of frustration on trips to the hardware store. This week, we’re talking about unorthodox tools you may not think are important to keep in the garage, but which might be worth adding to your at-home tool collection.

Nail Kicker

When remodeling, you may find yourself with a large amount of nails in the walls that are ready to be removed. While the prongs on a hammer are made for just this, some pesky nails get too deep for the prongs to reach, and using a hammer can be time consuming. Not to mention, the hammer can end up scuffing or denting your walls if you overwork an area. Instead, for $49.00 from Walmart, you can buy yourself a nail kicker to remove the surplus of nails in your walls. Functioning as a reverse nail gun, nail kickers use pressure to suck the nails right out of the wall with little time and even less effort.

a gloved hand using an angled drill attachment between two boards, a great addition to your tool collection

Angled Drill Attachments

We’ve all found ourselves in tricky corners at awkward angles while using a drill, cursing the day we decided to take on whatever project we were working on. However, by collecting angled drill attachments, you can better reach those tricky spaces with your handheld drill. By purchasing an attachment that can be angled at 90 degree angles (like this one for $19.97 from Home Depot) you won’t need to fret about those tricky projects any longer.

Knee Blades

Do you consider yourself a crafty and semi-athletic person? Consider investing in Knee Blades to help you better maneuver through your DIY projects that keep you on your knees. From laying flooring, calking low fixtures, or fixing up your car, these knee blades can help you better move around without hurting your knees in the process. With padding to keep your knees safe and wheels to help you scoot around, you’ll pat yourself on the back next time you pull these bad boys out to aid you with your next DIY project. If you’re someone who thinks you don’t need knee protection, wait 20 years and you’ll understand the importance!

a man wearing knee blades while grinding the edge of a cement ledge

Pocket Chisel

Many times we find ourselves in positions that require a little extra help. When working on your home projects, keep a pocket chisel kit nearby so you can always equip yourself with whatever size chisel will be the most effective. The best part of a pocket chisel is that you can use it for many different purposes; plus, since it’s pocket-sized, you can keep it with you throughout the entirety of your day. When buying pocket chisels, make sure the chisel comes with a protective case to avoid any safety risks.

When putting together a tool box, make sure to not only include these tools for convenience, but also a comprehensive collection of common tools. By preparing for future projects, you will be able to save yourself time and energy when it’s time to get to work on home improvements. If you’ve stumbled across an issue to big to tackle alone, you can call J-Tech Construction today for a free estimate on any of your exterior needs.

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