How To Make A Scarecrow


October, 2017


Scarecrows are one of the most iconic pieces of fall décor. Add a pumpkin pie and some apple cider and you have the perfect fall day! There are many different scarecrow designs you can go for. Maybe you want to do a scary take for Halloween, or a fun take with a scarecrow who sports a mustache and zebra print, or perhaps you want to go for the classic plaid shirt, straw hat scarecrow—whatever your decision, the basic steps to forming your scarecrow are all the same, and they’re quite simple!

Getting Started

As you already know, scarecrows were traditionally used in farm fields to scare off the crows (who would’ve thought, right?) and other birds who threatened to eat all the crops. These days, they mostly serve decorative purposes.


What you’ll need:

  • Two pieces of wood, one long to stand him up and another shorter one to go across for the arms.
  • Screws/nails and a screwdriver or hammer to put the wood together.
  • String.
  • A straw hat, top hat, or something else to cap him off.
  • Markers, decals, and or appliqués that you can stick onto the face for eyes, nose, mouth, and (optional) moustache or beard!
  • A button-up shirt with long sleeves so you can hide the cross beam!
  • Gloves for his hands.
  • Pants, or a skirt for your Misses Scarecrow, to cover up the supporting beams.
  • Shoes to finish off the scarecrow’s stylish look!

The steps are super simple and there is no set size of wood you need. You can use 1” or 2” square wood for this purpose, and it doesn’t matter whether you use two matching pieces of wood or not—it will all be covered up by his/her wardrobe!

  1. Start by securing the short cross beam to the long beam, about 1/3 or ¾ of the way up the supporting beam.
  2. Stake the long beam into the ground where you’d like to display your scarecrow.
  3. Attach the shirt for the beam first, and button it up!
  4. Use a string to tie the shirt up at the bottom and give the scarecrow a nice tight waistline!
  5. Stuff the upper body with straw.
  6. Tie the sleeves off at the ends of the cross beam, and then add gloves to cover up the string.
  7. Go ahead and tie your pants off at the knees/feet and then stuff them with straw.
  8. Attach the pants to the scarecrow using string as suspenders.
  9. Finally, add your boots!
  10. Next, attach a pillowcase stuffed with straw over the top of the supporting beam. Tie it off with string.
  11. Add his face, put on the hat, and voila: your very own scarecrow!


This fun fall project is the perfect way to get into the fall spirit. Once a few leaves fall around his feet, he’ll look right at home.

For a dressy scarecrow, add a bow tie! For a scary one, pick out a fun Halloween mask for his face! There’s literally an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to changing up this fall staple, so get creative.

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