Hassle-Free Exterior Holiday Hacks


November, 2017


As each week gets colder and colder, the window for putting up holiday decorations outdoors is getting smaller and smaller. No one wants to be out traipsing around on the roof to hang Christmas lights when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Luckily, there are plenty of helpful holiday hacks to help you hang your holiday decorations without hassle. This week’s blog is dedicated to the awesome moms and dads who go the extra mile to make their homes beautiful for their families and communities. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use these tips to get the job done quickly so you can go back inside for some hot cocoa and cookies (even if they’re for Santa, we’re sure he’d let you sneak one).

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Plan A Design

To give your home the warm holiday glow you want, go into your decorations with design in mind. Maybe you have an extra large front window you’d like to showcase. Perhaps your brand new front door is highlighting the front of your home. Whatever the case, find out what you’d like to put focus on and build your plan around it. Lighted outdoor wreaths or holiday-themed shapes are the perfect centerpiece for your exterior lighting. Quick tip: big, old fashioned looking bulbs are back in style, so don’t be afraid to buy lights with large bulbs or interesting shapes!

Gather Your Tools

Before you break out the ladder and ascend to the roof, ensure you have everything together on the ground. That means first checking last year’s lights to make sure they work and there are no rips in the wire covering. If your lights are damaged at all, throw them away. All it takes is one bad cord to not only ruin your design, but also become a safety hazard. Make sure you have enough clips to attach the lights firmly to your home at 1-2 ft. intervals. If you’re using white lights only, beware of differing colors. Some white holiday lights have a blue tone to them while others will give off an orange glow, and if you hang them next to one another there will be a noticeable difference. Grab all the necessary supplies in a bucket or grab a helper, and get up on that ladder!

christmas installations

Lights On Gutter Installation

All gutter clips are not created equal. Take the time to look at what kind of gutters you have to determine whether large or small clips will be best. Attempt to keep a similar tautness across all gutters, railings, and window trim or exposure to harsh winter winds could loosen them and make your design look sloppy. Additionally, pointing all the light bulbs in the same direction can improve your design aesthetic. If you want lights in your trees as well, you can buy a light hanging pole at any home improvement store so your ladder won’t have to rest against an uneven surface. Once all the lights are in place and plugged into an outdoor-specific extension cord, grab a light timer for the finishing touch! Set the times you want your lights on and off, and you’ll have a festive outdoor display to make your family feel warm, fuzzy feelings this holiday season!

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