Four Home Improvements to Save You Money


February, 2018


As we bear through some of the coldest temperatures this month, J-Tech Construction understands that homeowners worry they may not have the most energy-efficient homes. Despite being the grim reality for many families, high utility bills are avoidable. While there are many tips and tricks for saving money during the cold months, we’re here to educate you on the larger investments that will not only save you more time and money but will increase the overall value of your home.

Replace your front door

Over time, many homeowners fall into a rut of simply repairing front doors. While it may seem easy to fill in cracks and paint over scratches, major damage is not always visible to the eye and causes more harm over time. Depending on the location, protection, and material of your doors, the average door lifespan can range from 30-100+ years. Due to the broad life expectancy, most homeowners aren’t sure when their doors are no longer effective. Warped frames, poor designs, or unsuccessful installations can cost you money over time. Replacing your front door will not only save you from high utility bills and reoccurring repairmen costs, but also will enhance the value and aesthetics of your home.


Consider your roofing options

Improving the condition of your roof is a great way to ease your wallet. By choosing energy efficient roofing options with the help of your J-Tech experts, you can put money back into your bank account. Not sure if your roof needs help? There are plenty of service providers who offer free consultations and can help give you advice on when to know it’s time to upgrade your roof. Unlike in the old days when energy efficient roofs were few and far between, many energy efficient designs exist now, one of which is sure to match the appearance of your exterior.

Replace your old windows

Replacing windows can be one of the largest investments for homeowners, and also one of the most cost-saving. Old or broken windows not only decrease energy efficiency, but can also be a safety risk to you and your family. If you think your windows might be the leading cause of your high electric bills, consider reading up on when to replace windows.


Review your siding

There are plenty of different siding options (check out all of these options we offer), all with different advantages and disadvantages. You may have felt the urge to prioritize between appearance, performance, and energy effectiveness in the past – not anymore. Similarly to roofs, experts have made many improvements on designs, and are able to offer all of the best choices without compromising other aspects. By reviewing your siding options, you can be sure to not only make your home more appealing to the eye, but also to increase the overall energy efficiency of your home.

These four improvements are great ways for homeowners to put money back in their wallets during winter. Instead of spending time on tedious small projects, consider your more impactful options. Call J-Tech today for help on any of these exciting projects, and we are sure to help guide you to a more cost efficient home.

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