Best Home Improvement TV Shows For Inspiration


August, 2018

When homeowners first get the keys to their new castle, the work ahead seem daunting. As projects continue to get checked off the list, homeowners often feel uninspired. Without obvious issues with the home (like broken windows or an old roof), many people aren’t sure where to turn next for projects. Exposure to home improvement inspiration is a great way to get the home improvement ball rolling. Here are our top favorite home improvement shows to watch if you’re looking to revamp your remodeling.

restored by the fords cast members

Restored by the Fords

If you’re looking to invest in a fixer upper or need to improve the overall functionality and aesthetic of your antique home, Restored by the Fords is the show for you. The show follows siblings Leanne and Steve Ford as they remodel homes from their hometown of Pittsburgh. They’ll inspire you to maintain the old integrity of your home while simultaneously updating it to the 21st century.

Flip or Flop Fort Worth

This is a great show for homeowners looking for practical ways to makeover their home on a budget. Army couple Andy and Ashley Williams focus on rundown parts of towns in order to remodel these beat up homes into the perfect family home. We not only appreciate that this particular spin off of Flip or Flop puts a focus on improving struggling areas, but also their focus on hiring veterans.

Wood Work

If you’re not looking to get your hands too dirty, but still want some inspiration to spruce up your already beautiful home, look no further than Wood Work. This show follows Clint and Kelly Harp as they repurpose wood for multiple different purposes, from shiplap wall installation to creating barn-style doors from scratch. Watch this show for woodworking tips ranging from beginner to advanced to help make your home more personalized and welcoming.

Small Space Big Style

Do you feel cooped up in your small kitchen or tiny bathroom? Do you feel like no amount of DIY projects can help conserve space? Small Space Big Style is the show for you. You’ll feel inspired to not only redesign your space with multifunctional furniture pieces, but also to knock out a wall or two in the process. There’s no space too small for this show.

design on a dime cast members

Design On A Dime

If you’re not discouraged by a small space, rather than a small budget, stream this show on Netflix for immediate ideas on how to repurpose furniture you already have, small improvements to make a huge difference, and ways to prioritize different remodeling projects in your home. Follow Casey Noble as she inspires you to completely remodel your home without hurting your wallet.

Once you feel inspired and ready to take on your new project, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. No every project is meant to be a DIY, and these shows will make sure to advise you on which ventures need an extra (professional) hand. Here at J-Tech, we’re excited to help you achieve these goals in the most efficient way possible. Call us as soon as these shows have inspired you for your next project!

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