Spring Cleaning Freshens up Home Exteriors


April, 2017


When the weather warms up, so do your home improvement efforts. That often includes spring cleaning. This year as you’re dusting out the cobwebs, don’t forget to spruce up the exterior of your home too. Regular outdoor maintenance will improve your home’s curb appeal and keep it looking clean and fresh all year long.

Clean out your garage

Your garage will likely get a lot more use in the warm weather months. Bikes and outdoor toys will be in and out regularly. Home improvement projects will also start in this space. Use sawdust or concrete cleaners to pick up oil spills. Sweep away dirt and leaves. Commit to finally organizing your garage by getting rid of the clutter and investing in storage solutions. These simple tasks are a quick way to clean up your garage for spring.

Clean outside your garage

Once you finish cleaning out your garage, start cleaning outside your garage. Your garage door takes up a large part of your home’s exterior. People rarely clean this surface, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Dirt and grime collect on the garage door, especially if it has windows. Luckily it’s an easy surface to clean. To clean your garage door, put a small amount of dish soap into a bucket of warm water. Use an old rag to rinse off the garage door, much like you would wash a car. Spray off the soapy water with a garden hose or pressure washer and you’re done! Spring cleaning your garage door is as simple as that.

Sweep for cobwebs

Sweep the exterior of your home for cobwebs using a broom or duster. The most important part of this to find a tool with a handle long enough to rich the tall corners of your home.

Window washing

Washing your windows is a daunting task. Wait until the sun is not directly shining on the windows before cleaning them. If the water drops are dried too fast, your windows will look streaky and have water spots. You will likely need a ladder to reach the whole window, which will require balance as you wash and squeegee the dirt off. Mix hot water with white vinegar or dishwasher soap and use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe away the grime. Draw a squeegee across the window and wipe the rubber edge after each stroke. Window washing is a great way to clean up your home’s exterior but don’t take unnecessary risks. Keep in mind, professional window washing services are available.

Wash out trash cans

Trash cans are often just as smelly as the garbage inside them. Use your spring cleaning as an opportunity to rinse out the gross smell and all the nastiness inside. Garbage bins will probably never smell fresh but they should still be cleaned regularly.

Pick up sticks

In the fall, your lawn is filled with leaves that need raking. While there are not many leaves to rake in the spring, there are a lot of little sticks filling up your yard. These sticks can get in the way when you’re mowing and they’re painful to step on when you’re walking around barefoot. Not to mention the fact that they can make outside of your home look messy. Use a rake to collect the little twigs and sticks in your grass.

A fresh coat of paint

Spruce up your entryway or front porch with flowers and a fresh coat of paint. Weathering effects can make your porch, outdoor furniture and front door look dated and worn. Painting is a cost-effective way to make our home’s exterior look like a million bucks. Make sure to buy outdoor paint that can withstand the harsh conditions. Depending on the surface, you might need to sand it down before applying a new coat of paint. Consider washing or replacing any pillows or cushions on your patio furniture to go with the new paint.

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