The Solar Bridge House


March, 2018


At J-Tech, we enjoy staying up-to-date on new projects all around the country. This week we’re diving into a home built as a bridge over water, completely powered by solar power. Dan Brunn, a Los Angeles commercial and residential architect has had an outstanding year in terms of projects and breakthroughs in his profession. He received many awards for his accomplishments, including the honor of Interior Design’s Best of The Year in 2017. With the new year in full throttle, Brunn has already begun to make headway in his new projects. The most exciting one thus far is still under construction, and Brunn has plans to finish by the end of 2018.

Solar Bridge-House

Bridge over water

Named the Bridge House, this 4,500-square-foot-home will be built over a calm stream in Hancock Park, Los Angeles. The entire home will be a long narrow rectangular shape, which will actually resemble a bridge across the water. Brunn initially considered purchasing an existing property in other locations, hoping to simply make small renovations. However, when he got the idea for the Bridge House, he knew starting from the beginning would be more beneficial. Drawing inspiration from motor courts, Brunn favored the idea of being able to construct a home right over the river, rather than “biasing one side” of the water. The differentiating factor between this project and others like this in Brunn’s past is that this home will be his, and will stand as a showcase for all of the sustainable products he’s using to build the home.

Work of simplistic art

Along with unique placement and overall construction, this home will have a clean, modern design to accompany its rustic, earthy surrounding. Brunn is a self-proclaimed minimalist and lives by the rule that if anything in the building is not utilized on a regular basis than it does not need to be in the building. This applies for office spaces, recreational areas, and other homes that the LA architect has crafted. By removing the distractions of frivolous decor and unnecessary appliances, people are able better enjoy the clean lines and beauty of the architecture behind the building. Brunn believes simplicity in the space around you promotes a peace of mind and clarity that clutter simply cannot produce.

Solar Panels

Powered by clean energy

One of our favorite parts of this home is that the entire 4,500-square-foot-home will be completely solar powered. Due to the flat, long rooftop, Brunn, alongside his twenty-one sponsors, has been able to load the home up with solar panels in a discrete manner. The solar panels have been calculated to produce as much energy as the house consumes, and will achieve net-zero status by using some of the highest-grade solar panels offered to residential properties. As Brunn’s first solar home, he hopes to use this project not only as his own home but an example of how easy clean living can be if individuals put in some effort and time to make the proper adjustments.

Brunn hopes to finish his solar-powered bridge house in 2018; however, he has no intention of hurrying through the process. When finished, the bridge house will stand as a testimony of his architectural skill in addition to his eye for modernistic design. If this story inspires you to update the exterior of your home, call J-Tech today for a consultation to figure out how we might be able to help you on your project!

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