A New Perspective on Construction

February, 2018

At J-Tech, we understand the importance of staying up to date with technology in construction and love implementing the latest tech in our everyday work. This week we’re talking advancements with drones in construction, and how these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are revolutionizing the construction industry. Drones can be used for many different purposes, ranging from analyzing land to predicting risks. Let’s dig in to how using drones are literally giving new perspectives on the construction industry.

above view of construction site

Land Surveying

Drones can be used to see land and buildings from angles and heights man is not able to reach. From certain heights and angles, these machines can spot issues or unusual spots in the land far before any human eyes. By using spatial recognition technology, drones have improved land surveying technology, which has greatly impacted construction sites. Companies are able to use these drones to inspect both the quality of land and the structural integrity of buildings.

Spotting Infrastructure Improvements

Along with being able to survey land and spot issues human eyes are unable to see, drones are able to spot infrastructural issues. Drones can use their spatial recognition, heat recognition, or other x-ray-type capabilities to see cracks or warps in infrastructure, without the time or energy from a team. Additionally, if a construction site is considered dangerous, teams can send in the drone in order to assess the severity of the situation without risking the safety of a team member.

Security and Surveillance

An issue for many construction sites is the threat of robberies or break-ins outside of work hours. Teams have to worry about materials being stolen, machines being played with, or equipment being climbed. By using a drone, construction sites no longer have to worry about a form of surveillance outside of daytime hours. Many drones offer extensive security capabilities (like this one), ranging from traffic monitoring, specific perimeter response actions, to specific security during nearby events. Drones have changed completely how construction sites function after hours, giving numbers of teams and managers a peace of mind.

construction worker piloting drone

Legal Drawbacks

With this technological advancement comes skeptics. Many individuals have qualms about the use of drones in construction and worry whether or not the practice is safe. These worries range from the idea of rogue technology plummeting from the sky to the threat of mistakes made by the controller. Many people think that keeping construction sites as tech-free as possible is the safest business decision, and many regulations are being implemented to keep industries safe from potential risk.

Essentially, drones possess capabilities that human hands and eyes do not. They are able to use advanced technology to survey land, inspect infrastructure, and implement security. This technology is only improving with time, which means in the coming years we expect to see drones more regularly used in most industries. Once companies are able to get past the training and initial cost of drones, they will be able to see the amazing technology they can bring to the table. To learn more about the technology J-Tech offers, call your exterior experts today for your consultation!

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