Holiday Gifts for the Handyman you Know


December, 2017


All the kids have their presents under the tree, you found the necklace hubby got you last week (it’s still in the closet, unwrapped), stockings are full, and everything is prepped for a fun filled family Christmas. But wait, there’s one person who you may have forgotten: hubby! If your handyman is hard to shop for, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with finding gifts for dads, grandpas, and best friends because it’s a pain in the butt to dig through a messy toolbox to figure out what size drill bit Bill lost 3 months ago and has been complaining about ever since. That’s why this year we’re breaking down a list of Christmas gifts the handyman around your house will actually use!

For the Outdoorsman

Outdoor work gloves can really save the day on yard and home exteriors projects. Protect his hands from cuts, scrapes, and the wear and tear of working outdoors with a thick pair designed for heavy duty projects. Grab warm ones so next year when he’s up on the ladder, reaching toward the gutter installing your Christmas lights, he can’t complain about his fingers freezing off!

handyman holiday gifts

For the Guy with Too Many Projects

If you’ve got a man who seems like he’s always working on 12 projects at once, magnetic wrist cuffs are a great gift. They hold extra nails and screws when you need to use both hands. Magnetic wrist cuffs can help your handyman when he runs to hang a painting just in time to circle back and put up a new curtain rod and fix that broken shelf then…

For the Gear Head

There are plenty of great gifts for guys who like working in the garage. Rolling seats can help keep the strain off your guys knees, back, and neck while he works under the hood. Moldable funnels also make for great presents. He’ll never have to scour the garage for the right size when he has a moldable funnel to fit any project.

holiday gifts

For the Guy who Burns the Midnight Oil

No matter the project, it’s important to shed light on the situation in front of you. Whether he needs new floodlights or just a small light for his work bench, both are great ideas for the handyman in your life. A good light source makes a great gift for early risers, night owls, and anyone working in the winter, especially because it seems we only get around 10 minutes of daylight anymore!

For the Guy who Spills

Cleaning stains out of a nice shirt of pair of pants because he “just had to look at something really fast” is a common problem. For Christmas this year, get your guy coveralls or a utility apron to save his clothes from tears and stains. It’ll also save you hundreds in stain remover throughout 2018!

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