Famous Homes From Your Favorite Movies


May, 2017


The houses in some classic movies are almost as iconic as the movies themselves. Who wouldn’t want to set up booby traps in the house from Home Alone? Or spend the night on Lake Union in the houseboat from Sleepless in Seattle? Warning, this blog contains spoilers!

The Holiday

First, the 2006 romantic comedy The Holiday has two famous homes. The movie is about two women, who feel the need to escape their everyday lives. Both of them have struggled with relationships and love, and decide to swap homes for the holiday season. One woman, Iris, lives in a cute, cozy, cottage located in Surrey which is Southeast England. The other, Amanda, lives in a swanky, upscale home in southern California.

The Notebook

Next, The Notebook is probably one of the most watched love stories of the twenty-first century. The two main characters Allie and Noah first meet at a carnival, and Noah became instantly enamored with Allie. They spend the Summer falling in love, but their relationship is tragically cut short. One Summer evening, Noah takes Allie to an old abandoned house and she tells him exactly how she wants it renovated for their future dream home. The attempt to make love but are interrupted when Noah’s friend Fin tells them that Allie’s family has the police out looking for her. Allie’s mother doesn’t think Noah is good enough, as he is poor and they are a wealthy family. Sadly, Allie’s family leave for Charleston the next morning and the two never get to say goodbye.

Years later, Allie is engaged to another man. She sees a picture of Noah in the newspaper next to the old house, completely renovated to her exact wishes.

Home Alone

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas classic? Especially when it stars literally one of the cutest, most mischievous kids on the planet. Kevin McAllister is the main character and lives in an almost unbelievably huge house. His extended family is staying over as they are all flying to Paris the next day for the holidays. After his cousins and siblings continually tease him, Kevin is sent to the attic room after acting out. There he wishes his family would disappear. In the morning he wakes up to an empty house and believes his wish came true. Actually, his family ran late for the airport shuttle and forgot he was asleep in the attic.

During his time alone, he discovers that a pair of burglars is preparing to rob his family. Because of this, he sets up booby traps all over the house and is determined to protect the house.

Sleepless in Seattle

Lastly, almost every tourist in Seattle has to find the time to look at the houseboat from Sleepless in Seattle. The movie is a romantic comedy about a man named Sam Baldwin who loses his wife to cancer. Originally, he is from Chicago but decides to settle down in Seattle with his son Jonah for a chance at a normal life. After moping for a year and a half, Jonah thinks his father needs to move on and find a new wife. He calls into a late-night radio program and explains the circumstances for the whole nation to hear. Thousands of letters begin pouring in, one from a woman named Annie sticks out to Jonah. Sam, on the other hand, is having none of it and starts dating a woman from his workplace.

Eventually, Jonah and his friend work out a plan to get the pair together on Valentines Day at the Empire State Building in New York City.

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