Different Construction Jobs


March, 2017


The construction industry is full of different careers, but if you don’t work in construction you may not realize just how vast it is. Most careers in this field require some degree of experience, whether it’s schooling or an apprenticeship. Actually, there are too many construction jobs out there to list them all, so we’ll just go with the most popular.

Cost Estimator

First, when you think about construction jobs you probably think manual labor. However, that’s not true for every job in construction. In fact, a cost estimator spends most of his/her time in an office crunching numbers. Occasionally, the cost estimator will get their hands dirty on a job site, but nothing too physically demanding. The cost estimator can be involved in the entire budget of a project, or sometimes just something specific. For example, they may just be hired to estimate the total cost of all the electrical work. Most commonly, a bachelor’s degree will get you started in this career. Although, those with a certificate have an advantage over those without. Plus, the average salary is about $62,000 a year.

Construction Manager

Secondly, there seems to be a rumor that construction jobs don’t offer high salaries. We’re here to tell you that that’s incorrect. A construction manager has an average salary of about $95,000. But, that doesn’t come easy. A construction manager has to feel comfortable planning, budgeting and completing projects. Ideally, someone interested in this career path has a bachelor’s degree related to the industry. Experience in management, and being able to troubleshoot are both valuable skills. In addition, construction managers must have great communication skills.


Becoming a plumber is not easy. Normally, there is a long 4-5 year long apprenticeship before you can call this a career. It’s important for a plumber to be versed in blueprints and building codes. This is because they are the ones who install the plumbing in new and updated construction. Also, plumbers are great problem solvers when it comes to fixing pipes or drainage systems. The average annual salary for a plumber is just over $50,000.


Afraid of heights? Then a career as a glazier is not for you. Interestingly, glaziers spend most of their time off the ground. They are the ones who cut, install, fasten, seal and remove glass. This could be for storefronts, windows, or even skylights. Additionally, it helps to be multifaceted in a range of different tasks. Normally, the average salary is around $40,000 a year.

Cement Mason

Similar to other construction jobs, most cement masons go through an apprenticeship. This career is literally the foundation for any construction project, get it? Seriously, laying the foundation and installing reinforcements is the main focus of a cement mason. In addition to an apprenticeship, there is more opportunity for those who also take masonry classes. The average salary for a cement mason is about $40,000 per year.


One of the great things about getting a job as a painter is that you don’t need much experience. Literally, you could find work fresh out of high school with your diploma in hand or a GED. On the other hand, if you plan on making a career out of being a painter, you’d be smart to get additional education. It’s easier to find and keep a job if you’ve gone through an apprenticeship and have a certification. Similar to a lot of construction jobs, the average salary is about $40,000 a year.


Next, brickmasons are usually highly skilled with a few years of technical college or an apprenticeship under their belts. Having brick or stone on the exterior of a home is expensive, but quite durable. For this reason, they are still pretty popular materials in a growing economy. Plus, older buildings that have brick or stone exteriors will need to be repaired at some point. Because of this, it’s expected that the demand for brickmasons will continue to grow. They make a pretty good salary of about $50,000 per year.


Becoming an electrician is a lengthy process. To start, you must have your high school diploma or GED. In addition, most electricians go through apprenticeships that last 4-5 years to get on the job training. Plus, more lessons that focus on electrical theory, math, and electrical codes are smart. Before you can work as an independent electrician, most states require a license. That’s a lot of schooling. The average salary is around $53,000.


Out of all the construction jobs out there, carpentry is one of the oldest. Also, it happens to be the most versatile and maybe the most secure career. That’s because as a carpenter you can decide whether you’d like to work on small projects, like residential or larger scale like high-rise buildings. To go one step further, some carpenters will make trusses for bridges. In addition to an apprenticeship, you’re more likely to get a job as a carpenter if you speak Spanish as well as English. The average salary of a carpenter is $44,000 per year.

Construction Worker

Lastly, the most well-known job in construction is the construction worker. With an average salary of about $34,000, a construction worker needs the least amount of experience to get a job. Pretty much every construction site needs help with loading and unloading materials, digging, clean up etc. However, those with the least amount of experience may find it harder to get hired. But, it’s a good foot in the door for those looking to work in a more specialized job in construction.

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