Myths About Working in Construction


April, 2018

The construction industry has many different fields, professions, and influencers. Despite being a very diverse industry, people maintain preconceived notions which allow them to be deterred from working in the industry. This week we’re here to debunk common misconceptions about working in construction and shine a light on some of our favorite parts of the industry.


Getting a job in the construction industry is easy and/or a last resort.


Working on a construction site requires a high degree of skill, intelligence, and commitment.

There is an abundance of available construction jobs for many reasons, one of them being that employers must hold a high standard for employees. Depending on the company and tasks at hand, most employees are required to have a technical education, or years of experience before being considered for a position. Due to the complexity of the craft, employers can’t allow just anyone on a job site. After achieving a position in the construction, the individual should be proud of their accomplishments because it’s truly no easy task.


There’s no room for growth in construction.


Construction has many areas for growth, whether in the office or on the work site.

Many people forget that construction encapsulates many different fields, such as carpentry or masonry, and within those fields proves a lot of room for growth. Most companies are eager to promote their employees as not only a sign of appreciation but in order to put the best team members in managerial positions within the company. In order to have strong teams, employers must have strong leaders working on each project. Essentially, if an employee works hard, respects their craft, and performs as an active leader, they can expect to move up within any company.

construction worker guiding steel beam high above ground


Construction is too dangerous.


There is no denying the fact that there is some dirt and danger in the industry.

Employees work with complex equipment, heavy tools, and in some cases, at great heights on a daily basis. While accidents happen on occasion, employees are provided with extensive training and mentorship before handling any project. Each construction site typically has an individual strictly in charge of supervision, with many other managers on site ensuring each task is performed not only correctly but in a safe manner.


Construction is only for men.


A common misconception about construction is that women are not welcome.

In fact, more and more women are becoming involved in the industry, actively breaking down barriers and attempting to prove those misconceptions as just that. In fact, we recently spent time highlighting the efforts being made in Omaha, Nebraska by women in construction. Women often feel discouraged from joining the industry due to the impression that it is a men’s field. While the field primarily consists of men right now, women are just as welcome and hold just as much impact as their male counterparts. Additionally, construction is one of a few industries in which men and women doing the same job are paid almost exactly the same more often than not.

hispanic female construction worker on job site

The construction industry is far more complex than most people know, and it’s welcome to all who are interested in participating. With proper education, training, and experience, most people can find themselves enjoying a successful career in construction. When performed correctly, construction is safe, a respectable career choice, open for growth and invites people of all genders, backgrounds, and experience. If you’re looking for a job opportunity in the construction industry, of if you’re looking to start a new project, call J-Tech construction today!

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