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October, 2018

If you’re worried about your roof weathering another winter, it may be time to take some action. Fortunately, fall is the perfect time for a roof update or replacement! There are plenty of benefits to using the spooky season as a time to update the exterior surfaces of your home, but there are very specific benefits to getting roofing work done in the fall. This week, we’re outlining the top 5 reasons to repair or replace your roof before winter hits!

A worker doing roof repair

Not too Hot, Not too Cold, Juuuuust Right

Autumn creates optimal temperatures for both the people and parts involved in your roof replacement. Those working on your home will be able to work faster with less work because they won’t be dehydrating in the summer heat. Similarly, shingles work better in the mild autumn months. They can tend to stick together when it’s too hot during the summer and can be extremely brittle in the winter, risking breakage.

Winter Exacerbates Roof Issues

If you’ve noticed a couple leaks in the roof but were hoping to wait until spring to sort it out, you may want to think again. All the excess moisture or sitting snow and the strong, whipping winds of the winter season are likely going to exacerbate any issues you’re seeing. It’s better to address issues in your roof during the fall before a small leak becomes a big issue.

two men working on a roof

Reduce Heating and Cooling Bills. Utilize Mild Weather

One frustrating side effect to many home improvement projects is the extra costs they can cause. Specifically, heating and cooling costs can become an issue if you replace your roof in the heat of summer or the icy chill of winter. Getting the job done when the weather is mild means that the temperature inside your home is less likely to reach an uncomfortable level and you won’t get stuck running your HVAC system day and night to regulate it.

An Airtight Case

Shingles need a certain amount of time to seal properly or they’re likely to come loose during a gusty day. Tar-to-asphalt sealing strips need time to melt together and adhere properly to form the necessary airtight, watertight seal that keeps your home intact and unharmed by winter snows and spring rains. Doing necessary patching, repair, or replacement during the fall allows that seal time to fix itself properly before harsh weather hits.

Winter Savings Might Not be on the Horizon

You can get your roof replaced in the winter, sure. Some places even offer discounts because it’s the slow season for them. However, you’ll likely sink those savings into the project other ways. For example, high heating costs for your home and days or weeks spent prolonging the project to avoid bad weather can dry out your wallet faster than you can say “I should’ve started this in October!”

If you’re ready to start repair or replacement for your old roof, call Lincoln and Grand Island’s exterior experts today! J-Tech is here to make sure your project goes off without a hitch.

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