Architectural Spotlight: Apple Headquarters


May, 2018

Here at J-Tech, we not only appreciate advancements in the construction world; we also love studying new architectural feats. This week we’re shining a spotlight on the new Apple headquarters, which opened its doors in the beginning of 2018. Now that they’ve had time to begin settling, adjusting, and beautifying, what are the final reviews of the building?


In January of 2018, Apple opened up their new $5 billion campus in Cupertino, California. Apple Park, also known as the “spaceship,” opened its doors to employees who slowly began to move in over the course of this past year. Even still, while all of the heavy machinery is removed and the building has been completed, there are still landscaping plans to finish. The building holds 12,000 employees, and is home to all of the most important meetings and internal conferences within the company. The overall concept of the design is to blur the indoors and outdoors and create a lucid visual experience.

a stylish display of the Jony Ive designed Apple Headquarters high back office chairs

The perks

Besides the obvious perks such as new cafes, gym facilities, and oversized conference rooms, there are many other jaw-dropping concepts added to the headquarters that provide employees and management alike with amazing perks. For example, the new desk chairs are quite complex and designed especially for this project. Also, Apple Park is equipped with a state-of-the-art theater meant for on-campus presentations and educational purposes for local school field trips. In the outdoor recreational area, a large garden grows fruit and vegetables that can be picked when ripe for fresh, organic snacks.

The environment

When creating Apple park, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the vision of the headquarters by Steve Jobs was to be home to innovation for generations to come. Cook knew that the facility needed to not only benefit the employees and visitors, but also the environment. Now, being one of the most energy efficient buildings in the world, the spaceship runs entirely on renewable energy. Running primarily with on-site, low-carbon Central Plant, the structure is also armored with solar panels around its top and sides. Not only does the building run solely on renewable energy, but the gigantic garden in the center of the park holds 7,000 trees as an attempt to further benefit the environment.

wide aerial shot of the new Apple Headquarters building

Whats the problem?

Standing as an architectural dream and environmental savior, Apple Park has little to no flaws. Once the landscaping is finished, the lot will near perfection. However, the only issue Apple has experienced since opening the doors, is that employees keep walking straight into glass walls and doors. The open structure attempts to blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors, and perhaps does so too well. Employees claim the glass appears non-existent in some parts, and they can’t distinguish walkways from walls of glass. While this (slightly comical) issue is being handled with due diligence, Apple can rest assured that there have been no other issues noted in the opening of the building yet.

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